May 23, 2022

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Common Injuries We See In Hotels

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<strong>Common Injuries We See In Hotels</strong>

When you look at the reasons for personal injury claims many of them are similar with issues such as slips and falls being most common. What we also see from these claims is that they really can happen anywhere in the world, and you could be doing just about any activity when an accident happens. Today however we are going to focus on just one location where we see a lot of accidents and injuries taking place, and that is the hotel. The last thing that anyone on their vacation wants to go through is an accident, and these are some of the most common which we see inside the hotel, unfortunately for the guests. 

Elevator Problems

We have all been to those hotels which have elevators that look a little suspect, and if you have an issue then this is certainly something which you need to speak to your lawyer about. Getting stuck in an elevator can create a whole host of problems for people including long term anxiety, which is why you should speak to a personal injury attorney if this has happened to you.

Pool Related Accidents 

The pool can be a dangerous place, despite this being one of the most popular locations in the hotel. Here we see a number of people who slip and hurt themselves, as well as others who may get sick from ingesting dirty water. Hotels have a responsibility to its guests to make sure that the pool is safe, but they don’t always deliver. Another common injury which we see comes from hotels which allow their pools to get too full, which can result in a number of different injuries to guests. 

Food Poisoning 

A bout of food poisoning could really ruin your vacation, but so many people simply let it go when they have had this kind of issue. If the hotel is the source of your food poisoning then it is important that you hold them to account. Their kitchens and restaurant staff have just as much responsibility as any other restaurant to its guests, and the last thing that you should come to expect is undercooked meals or food which has been cross-contaminated and which could cause you food poisoning. No matter if you have spent a couple of days in bed or been administered to hospital, you should always hold the hotel to account for this kind of issue. 

Broken Furniture 

There are so many hotels out there which have been in urgent need of maintenance and upgrades for way too long, and many owners simply don’t take necessary action. This is why we see so many clients who have been injured because of broken furniture in their hotel. This could be a chair that breaks, a bed which causes back problems or any other item of furniture which eventually results in an injury to the guest. 

If you have been the victim of any of these kinds of injuries be sure that you seek legal assistance and begin a claim in order to be compensated for what has happened. 

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