August 12, 2022

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Lawsuits; holding people liable for their actions

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In recent years, court cases have become a regular occurrence in our communities. Education has shined the light on many, making their constitutional rights known to them, bringing them out of ignorance and ushering a new age of enlightenment.

What goes to court?

The number of cases that are taken to court range from contract disputes where we see employer and employee drag it out over a lawsuit because of a breach of contract from either party. Property disputes involving a case where there is contention for an asset by two or more parties. Divorce cases are a different type of case where the court nullifies a marriage at the request of one party after proving wrongdoing. Class action suits are lawsuits where a group of people are represented by a member of the group, and lastly, the equitable claims cases where a court issues injunctions to restrain certain actions that might cause harm to a person. These injunctions may include restraining orders, cease and desists amongst others.

A lot of these cases are quite common in local courtrooms, what we don’t see or hear a lot of are personal injury claims cases. A personal injury claim is a legal case opened in the event of accidents that bring about hurt or harm to the complainant. It’s the process of recovering compensation from the party seen to be responsible for the harm inflicted. 

Citing an example, someone living in Detroit with dog-loving neighbors who enjoy walking their dog, if, on one of these walks, the dog bites one of them, they can file a personal injury claims suit against the dog owner because of the harm that was caused by their dog. Provided it can be proven by the Detroit dog bite lawyers that the injured party was not responsible for any of the harm that he suffered, they may receive compensation in damage claims from the dog owner and their insurance company.

Roles of lawyers

Some lawyers specialize in personal injury claims suits, making a case for their clients and earning them damage claim payments. The job of these lawyers is to gather and provide evidence before the court as to whether their client can or cannot be held responsible for any of the harm the client suffered. As much as we have criminal defense attorneys and divorce lawyers, some lawyers are specialists in personal injury claims cases, making it their field of study which makes them fitting for personal injury claims cases. Many accidents occur where people suffer bodily harm that was in no way their fault that has brought about physical disabilities for some without anyone being held responsible, leaving victims to suffer on their own. Personal injury claims bring a form of justice to these victims holding liable parties accountable for certain actions and compensating the victims according to the orders of the court

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