January 23, 2022

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Letters: The Afghan crisis is a seminal second in environment politics

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UNDERSTANDABLY, the aim of people today in the west on the exit from Afghanistan has been on the human disaster about to be frequented on these there who want to reside in the 21st century and not the seventh century, specially women.

There are other, broader, profound repercussions: in the sphere of geopolitics the Afghanistan catastrophe is America’s Suez minute.

Like the British in 1956, the hegemony that America believed it could exercising and the electricity it believed it had, have been laid bare in all their limitations for the globe to see, and find out from.

This is a seminal second in globe politics. An imperial electrical power has been humbled, and its grip on terrific regions of the environment very seriously diminished.

It is one thing that phone calls for policy re-assessment by all people western states who previously hitched by themselves to the American wagon.

It would be sensible for the Uk Authorities to now re-assess its junior-standing romantic relationship with the United States (which decreased our defence secretary to impotent tears) and for other Nato users to question no matter if they will at any time again activate Article 5 of the Nato treaty if the US is once far more attacked by a non-point out entity.

But even far more crucial for the long term will be the policy reactions of South Korea, Japan, Philippines, Australia and New Zealand – US allies – and its adversaries in the Indo-Pacific location, wherever the democracies have arrive under pressure from China.

Fundamentally, the problem now for these allied to the Usa is no matter if they can depend on its assurances when, as President Biden, in an echo of his predecessor, explained the conclusion to give up Afghanistan as one dependent exclusively on the interests of the United States.

There is also, of class, the added issue for every single UN point out, that the defeat and humiliation of the United States can make this multi-polar globe substantially more tricky to regulate.

Jim Sillars, Edinburgh.



AFGHAN ARMY’S Deficiency OF WILL TO Combat

PRESIDENT Biden has each individual appropriate to lambast the Afghans for standing apart and letting the Taliban stroll in to ability with no resistance by any means.

It must be reported: the Afghanistan navy had been presented with decades of training and had been 300,000 robust and far better armed and geared up than any achievable opponent.

The fact is that the a lot of hundreds of western soldiers associated above the many years could not potentially have remained there permanently. On that, President Biden is also spot on.

All that seems to have been missing with the Afghan military was the will to struggle. It looks they had been ready to fight the Taliban until finally the last western soldier died.

Alexander McKay, Edinburgh.




THE way in which President Biden ordered the exit from Afghanistan has been a catastrophe.

In his speech to the American people today he stated how the Afghan military had been produced powerful by American funds and teaching.

Now the sophisticated weapons which the US supplied have been taken in excess of by the Taliban, generating them stronger than ever ahead of.These weapons will finally be applied towards the west.

The BBC’s highly revered security correspondent, Frank Gardner, has mentioned that the humiliating departure of western forces is “a enormous morale raise to anti-western Jihadis all about the world”.

The declare by the Taliban on social media that they are a new, caring variation is risible.

Why should Fb and Twitter make it possible for them on their platforms in any case? 1 of their spokesmen has 320,000 Twitter followers, the similar Twitter organisation that has banned the 45th president of the United States.

William Loneskie, Lauder.



BRITAIN Can’t Manage TO GIVE Aid

ON BBC Radio 4 yesterday early morning, Dominic Raab – secretary of condition for all the things, which includes overseas help – instructed that we have to proceed our monetary support to Afghanistan, and even enhance it by 10 for each cent.

Pretty aside from the actuality that this would simply just be a gift to the new Taliban regime, does he not comprehend that Britain has a deficit economic climate, with debts of about £2.3 trillion?

We do not have any cash, so all overseas aid has to be borrowed at desire, and simply just will increase our credit card debt.

I am weary of listening to the mindless pontificators – numerous of them authorities ministers – with their lunatic proposals that will only charge so numerous million of pounds in this article or so quite a few trillion of lbs . there.

What does one particular have to do to promulgate the basic simple fact that Britain has no revenue, and incredibly shortly our potential to borrow a lot more to merely keep likely will operate out?

Malcolm Parkin, Kinross.



Go through THE Little PRINT IN FM’S REFUGEES Present

As soon as once more Nicola Sturgeon is intent in creating headlines with no seemingly contemplating items via, but of program she appreciates just what she is accomplishing.

She is aware her really humanitarian offer you to get Afghan refugees fleeing the Taliban is unrealistic but she also appreciates that it will impress her followers who are not fascinated in the small print.

Scotland certainly demands immigrants for the labour power and the all round fantastic of the place, but their entry ought to be topic to scrutiny. I suspect that if Scotland was only 26 miles from the French coast she would be a bit far more measured with her opinions.

W. MacIntyre, East Kilbride.



CHARITY Ought to Start out AT Property

According to Nicola Sturgeon Scotland welcomes refugees and will do all it can to acknowledge refugees from Afghanistan as the Taliban take handle of the state.

May I remind her that Scotland’s homelessness has improved each and every 12 months for the last 14 decades of SNP minority federal government. She must be extra concerned in tackling the country’s hundreds of homeless households right before getting in far more refugees. Charity commences at household.

Dennis Forbes Grattan, Aberdeen.




IT would be a excellent plan to wait around to see how the Taliban get down to governing Afghanistan before we start fearing that they would willingly enjoy host to Jihadist groups from all over the earth.

I suspect they could need to have to get to out to wealthy overseas countries if they are to get on with the large task of running Afghanistan. Aid will not be forthcoming if terror assaults are launched from there.

The omens are murky to say the the very least but permit us hope that Taliban may well be far more pragmatic than they have so much supplied us cause to feel.

R. Lawrence, Glasgow.




WE have been astonished to browse that Dame Carol Black did not see evidence that supervised drug use rooms do the job all through her evaluation of drug policy for the British isles Section of Wellness (“‘No evidence’ to assistance Scottish drug usage rooms, states British isles Gov adviser”, August 15).

We wonder if Community Overall health England (component of claimed DoH) delivered her with their have 2019 briefing which concluded that “Research has uncovered dependable proof of usefulness of drug consumption rooms in lowering harms associated with drug use, notably large-danger injection behaviours.”

In the same way, we marvel if she has noticed studies by the Uk Government’s own qualified advisers, the advisory council on the misuse of medicines (ACMD), or the EU’s skilled physique, the EMCDDA, or talked over this with the Royal Society for Community Overall health, to identify but a number of of the august bodies that aid this solution, centered on the evidence.

In terms of Dame Carol’s other problems, no-a person has proposed that safer drug intake rooms are a “silver bullet” – this is a straw-gentleman argument.

We agree that a combination of techniques is necessary, but argue that safer drug usage rooms are a confirmed intervention to support reduce history drug-associated deaths throughout the British isles.

In Glasgow in distinct, they could also assistance tackle the ongoing HIV outbreak between persons who inject medicines.

Peter Krykant’s encounter of jogging a modest unauthorised drug intake facility in the city, which supervised more than 500 injections and supported various overdose reversals, also shows what a much more comprehensive programme could attain.

At last, expressing that applying safer drug intake rooms would be “a distraction” is a disservice to the NHS and remedy vendors, who are rather capable of providing more than a single intervention at a time.

If Dame Carol intended that they are a political distraction, that is very easily remedied: she really should persuade the British isles Authorities to allow a official pilot in Glasgow that would provide the necessary proof of their effectiveness, like conserving lives, in a British isles location.

That is, if the proof from the 200 very similar successful facilities operational across the globe now is not plenty of.

Martin Powell, Head of Partnerships, Rework Drug Plan Basis Dr Andrew McAuley, Reader in General public Health and fitness, Glasgow Caledonian College.

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