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Nigeria in global politics, diplomacy

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Title:  Politics, Regulation and Diplomacy

Author:       Alaba Ogunsanwo

Reviewer:  Bukar Usman

Publisher:  Sibon Books Ltd

Calendar year of Publication: 2020

Pagination: Internet pages: 1296



The e-book, Politics, Legislation and Diplomacy, by Alaba Ogunsanwo is dedicated to a veteran Nigerian diplomat, Edward Olusola Sanu. Ambassador Sanu, who is now around 90 years aged, designed his mark when he led the group of African, Caribbean and Pacific (ACP) nations around the world to negotiate trade relations with the European Union (EU). The final result was the Lome Convention of 1975. This is a fitting dedication as the e book is an exploration of Nigeria’s relations with other nations.

Ogunsanwo ended his diplomatic vocation as Nigeria’s Ambassador to Brussels in 1999. He was a Professor of Political Science at the College of Lagos in 1983 and now teaches in the Division of Politics and Global Relations, Lead Town University, Ibadan. He had his very first degree at the Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria, and put up graduate scientific studies at the London Faculty of Economics. He has been affiliated with other community and abroad instructional establishments. It is with such formidable qualifications of diplomatic encounter and academic rigour that Professor Ogunsanwo penned his e book Politics, Legislation and Diplomacy, the issue of this review.

Politics, Law and Diplomacy is Prof. Ogunsanwo’s assortment of essays on a variety of topics about the global method and the roles Nigeria performed inside that technique at the West African, African and world stages. The e book is divided into two sections, 39 chapters and 10  appendices. The essays ended up created and delivered at various fora concerning 2007 and 2019. Section 2 is devoted to diplomacy, intercontinental legal get and worldwide institutions. The narrative, prosperous in facts, discusses Nigeria’s relations with major powers, middle powers, smaller sized powers, and equal-level powers. It identifies some international locations and examines Nigeria’s bilateral relations with each and every of them on trade, assist, overseas immediate investment, political and security matters, regional integration, progress and advancement.

Nigeria’s interests, pursued by way of its consulates and other establishments, ended up outlined to address economic, political, cultural, academic, spiritual, and business spheres. The author pressured that concerns for protection and welfare as properly as rising globalisation and interdependence, have produced international locations to relate with each individual other as a matter of requirement. As a result, Nigeria, like other nations, has no solution than to belong to regional and lots of bilateral and multilateral organisations. That was why Nigeria in live performance with other nations fashioned the Organisation of African Unity (OAU), now African Union (AU) the Financial Group of West African States (ECOWAS), and enlisted as a member of the United Nations Organisation (UNO) upon attainment of independence in 1960.

Nigeria created enormous contributions in phrases of human money, content and massive mobilisation of public view to stamp out colonialism and apartheid in Africa. These are narrated as firsthand account in details with great experience and insider know-how by Professor Ogunsanwo. He was immediately included as the major Nigerian envoy in Southern Africa during the de-colonisation and apartheid era and mirrored his physical involvement in steering critical occasions at that product time. Possessing also served in many foreign plan overview bodies of Nigeria, he can be regarded as an institutional memory in his individual suitable. He observes that for all its sacrificial contributions in supporting many African nations around the world out of the woods, Nigeria has managed a policy of not demanding requital from individuals nations around the world for solutions rendered. This situation, criticised by some Nigerians, is opposite to the practice whereby a state that plays a significant purpose in helping a different in instances of war or social catastrophe ordinarily demands financial or political compensation from the beneficiary state.

As each a political scientist and scholar, the author keenly observes sizeable changes in the global procedure in recent moments, in particular since the world moved absent from the Chilly War era in 1990. Presented what some regard as a unipolar world that emerged from the ideological warfare, the policy of non-alignment diplomacy adopted by most creating countries turned outdated and impracticable. Attention is now targeted on democratisation, improvement and environmental defense. One particular could argue, however, that what we have now is a mere adjust of ways amid the previous Chilly War antagonists as hassle places all more than the world continue to throw up their elementary discrepancies in one particular form or an additional and stay the underlying leads to of a lot of the conflicts raging in people locations.

Nigeria and the other acquiring countries in the increasing globalised earth would will need to redouble their endeavours to increase value to their products if they are to raise their participation in the world trade of industrial products. In Africa, Nigeria has a special attraction in getting a huge market. It also has a larger danger of currently being a dumping floor of finished merchandise from in other places and hence needs to adapt to ever-modifying cases in the worldwide program.

It is fairly an spectacular work on the element of Prof Ogunsanwo to place up these types of a voluminous and enriching ebook of 1,296 pages to help our knowledge of the workings of the worldwide program and the location of Nigeria in it. I am not surprised. I knew him from our times as pupils at the Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria, to be the studious type as he paced from hostel to eating place to classroom and vice versa. There ended up no video games for him. Only his scientific studies mattered.

Some clear editorial and printing faults have resulted in the omission of chapter 13, a repeat of chapters 15 and 16, and consequential blend-up in webpage numbering.

The guide by Prof. Ogunsanwo, an tutorial-diplomat, is a worthwhile reference materials to all who seek out to know how Nigeria’s diplomacy was shaped and done from independence to date, the complexity in interactions in the intercontinental process as effectively as the fragile operating of the multilateral organisations like the United Nations Organisation. I strongly recommend it.

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