August 12, 2022

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Public, peaceful protest is a right not a criminal offense

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Editor’s observe: The pursuing is an edited model of College Hill resident Tim Kraus’ testimony to the Ohio Residence Criminal Justice Committee on March 17 about Property Invoice 22. 

I am pretty alarmed by the selection of legislative charges quite a few senators and Dwelling associates have released in their respective bodies during this legislative session concerning the criminalization of civilian tranquil protest.

One particular of the defining features of our American democracy is the idea that citizens have the suitable to publicly and peacefully assemble to protest or categorical their considerations concerning any challenge or grievance they may well have about the conduct of their government and their law enforcement. This provision in our Structure is central to what we all are about. Our founders noticed match to contain this suitable in our governing paperwork because they had a rightful worry for the abuse of governmental electrical power and the enforcement of the legislation of that governmental power.

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