May 23, 2022

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Why Using an Accident Attorney Makes More Sense Than Self-Representation

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<strong>Why Using an Accident Attorney Makes More Sense Than Self-Representation</strong>

Many of you have been asking us recently about whether or not your could represent yourself in a personal injury case, and the simple answer is that yes you can. With this being said however if you were to ask our opinion as to whether you should, the answer would be no. The main reason why we would recommend that you use an accident attorney is that you have a higher chance of winning and that you have a bigger chance of getting more compensation. 

If you want to start a claim and you had been thinking about doing it on your own, here is what a lawyer will bring that you cannot compete with. 

Speed of the Case

Whilst the basic facts around a personal injury claim can vary, a lot of cases look the same in the eyes of a lawyer. This is exactly why they are able to use their experience to ensure that you get a quick resolution for your case, which is what everyone wants. If you are taking this on alone then you may find that the case will take a lot longer because you will have to learn a lot about the facts of the case. 

Negotiating Power

More than 80% of all cases are settled out of court, and this is the best result for everyone, including you. Not only does an out of court settlement mean a swift resolution, it also means that you can get your hands on the compensation sooner rather than later, in order to pay for what you need to. The way in which this happens is through negotiations with the insurance company to decide on a value for the payout. If you are taking this on alone then you could easily get railroaded by the opposition. If you use a lawyer this won’t happen and they will be able to deliver you a much better result. 

Stress Levels 

A lot of people who go into this on their own don’t account for the levels of stress which they will feel as they compile the case. This is simply not worth doing, especially given the stress you have probably been through as a result of the accident. Using a lawyer means that you can still progress with your case, without undergoing the mental strain which many feel when they represent themselves. 

Cost Effective 

Most people choose to represent themselves because they think that they will be able to save money if they do so. Whilst this is strictly true, you are actually more likely to end up with more money in your pocket if you use a law firm. This is because of the fact that they will get you more by way of compensation and even after you have paid them you will be left with more than what you could settle on your own. 

This is the easiest and the most profitable option for you. 

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